What participants are saying


Alissa Savage

I would recommend this workshop to honestly anyone looking to find their worth, discover their purpose and realize their potential. Jackie is one of a kind and can relate to anyone. She’s warm, welcoming and always has a smile on her face, regardless of what’s going on in her life. I really appreciate her optimistic perspective about life’s trials and how to best endure them by letting go and just surrendering. Jackie has so much wisdom to offer and the woman in the group were absolutely amazing, each contributed so much to the class. If you’re not sure about whether this class is for you, the answer is yes, anybody would benefit from this experience. It’s simply life changing!

Tiffany Young

My experience at Courage to BE with Jackie is One of the best healing balanced Theraphy’s that gives you a deeper understanding with your Body, Mind and Spirit in exploring each chakra to open up to allow the natural flow of energy to feel Balanced and Whole again. Jackie is an experienced Authentic teacher, who is passionate in her teachings.

Lindsay Spear

My experience with Courage To Be Yoga was nothing short of life changing. I gained so much awareness of what I need to progress in my life and what is holding me back from truly loving myself and connecting on a deeper level with my Higher Power. Jackie has created an authentic, safe space to learn, grow, connect, and BE and I am deeply grateful…not only for what I learned during the nine weeks but for the friendships I made as well. I recommend Jackie’s workshops for anyone, but especially for those who feel stuck, but know deep down they are meant for more.

Janelle Brown

I came to this class knowing very, very little about yoga and meditation. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but something inside of me has been unsettled for a long time. And I felt ready to take a leap and grow.
After each and every single class, I not only learned more about who I am and what I can improve about myself, but I also gained understanding for myself. I grew to love the women in my group and feel so uplifted and supported by each of them.
The journey of self discovery was laced with things I didn’t expect. Things like homework and unlocking my unconscious self. Things like being vulnerable…. a lot. Things like connecting to my higher power and the world around me. I feel so grateful to have been taught by people who want to do the same. I have been so elevated and inspired by their courage.
Understanding who you are and what you’re capable of is truly a gift that is priceless. You are worth investing in!

Whitney Fassio

Don’t let the name fool you, Courage to Be Yoga Studio is FAR more than just yoga. The “discovery of self workshop” was not only beneficial in the things I learned but very therapeutic as well.I found myself looking forward to each Wednesday and the gathering of all my classmates.Jackie Culley is a perfect instructor for these workshops. She is very mindful of our own values with regard to teaching, and making sure those values align with what we are learning as well as how she is teaching it. Even though I knew nothing about the practice of Yoga, this in no way effected my participation in the workshop.Jackie teaches with the integrity of knowing when it is time to cooperate and when it’s time to collaborate. I am so thankful for Jackie and the others in my workshop for their vulnerability to be who they are and for making such an impact in my life. I am excited to be continuing my education with Jackie in another workshop.
This workshop was a very positive experience for me. After years of therapy trying to deal with certain traumas in my life, this workshop was just as good, if not better than therapy. There is something about being able to relate to others who have also experienced life’s heartaches and challenges.
Thank you Jackie for giving me the Courage to Be.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never

go back to its old dimensions”

Oliver Wendell Holmes