Who Is Jackie?

Through a life of embracing adversity, the founder of Courage to BE Yoga, Jackie Culley, has turned her life of learning into a life of healing both spiritually and physically through yoga, mindfulness, and learning to recognize God’s hand in her life. Learning to find and love herself, trust herself, and know of her divine worth has been a life long pursuit for Jackie and has not come easily.

Somehow life engrains fear into our hearts and minds. It is Jackie’s dream to dispel fear and replace it with love… love of self, the ability to feel God’s love for us, and love for others.

She loves the movement and physical benefit of yoga on the mat, but loves the mindfulness aspect that takes place off the mat even more.

It is her life-long pursuit to truly know who she is and to love herself. She has spent the majority of her life wondering why she is the way that she is, what caused her to feel so poorly about herself, why everyone around her seemed to “get it”, but she didn’t.

She has always struggled with a lot of anxiety and depression, and fought and fallen and gotten back up over and over and over again. She has sought talk therapy, medication, and a variety of tools to cope with life while trying to find joy therein.

With Courage To Be Yoga, Jackie has created workshops to help others live in the moment and stay present in their bodies.

Jackies Gratitude Corner

Hi friends, Jackie here. As I continue to grow the studio, I am excited to add this page because like my journey, it would not be complete without mentioning a few of those who have enriched and blessed my life.

Please allow me to express my deep gratitude to those who have brought color to my canvas.

Thank You…

From The Top

Let me start at the top… First of all, I am fully aware that none of these amazing people would have come into my life without my Savior and my Heavenly Father. I am humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude for all you’ve blessed me with. God, if you’re listening…. THANK YOU! Thank you for all of the beautiful souls you created and placed in my path.

My Family: Paul, Mallory& Chase, Riley & Levi

My hard-working husband Paul. He has transformed our basement into a beautiful and serene studio where lots of hearts, minds and bodies will be healed and has extended extreme amounts of patience and support through all of my inspired ideas.

My beautiful daughter Mallory, who with little to no help from me created my logo, my mission statement, my business cards and taught me the ins and outs of how to create an awesome email, and her amazing husband Chase who’s always willing to do my math and keep my beautiful daughter happy.

My incredibly big hearted son Riley, who has so generously and patiently gave up personal space in the basement for the studio. I love that guy…. okay, I love his giant dog Copper too.

My inspirational son Levi, who is currently serving the Lord on an LDS mission in Honduras and is in fact, the one who sparked the idea of opening a studio when he geeked out in a letter home in September and said, “Mom, you gotta teach this stuff to as many people as possible, it has saved my life.”

Earth Bound Angels

I want to especially thank all of the incredible people I’ve been blessed to call my friends and those who have attended my group fitness and yoga classes for the past 20 years at Life Centre and VASA… you have been my light on extremely dark days… thank you for being my ongoing support group!

 every person I meet is my teacher and mentor, so THANK YOU!

I love and appreciate all of you, and am truly blessed!


“We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.”