I’ve always hated winter, but I have to admit, this view is just as beautiful in the winter with snow covering the trees that line the river, as it was in the fall… as it was in the summer.  

Winter feels like a time of rest.  The white snow makes things look pure and peaceful.  The firey heat of summer has made its way to the other side of the earth.  The busyness of fall with kids going back to school, calendars filled with sporting events, school dances, life celebrations, and the time of five thousand visitors has passed.  The flurry and urgency to go, go, go, creating one more ‘last vacation’, ‘last memory’, or ‘last good bye’ is slowing down.  

Some will stay caught up in the racket of distraction… gifts, decorations, parties, food, and more gifts.  I want to sit back and rest.  I want the commercialism to stay at bay so I can rest in the quiet spirit of Christ.  I want more Christ as often and as quietly as I can.  More Christ … Mas Christ … Christ Mas … Christmas…

How did this simple translation of two words get so confused?

I don’t recall a shopping trip or a credit card statement that has helped me feel more Christ… unless it was for a family in need or one who was suffering the effects of extreme trials.  I don’t recall a cup of Christmas cheer or mounds of food ever bringing more Christ to my heart or home.  The more colorful decorations I scatter around my home, the more distracted and tired I feel.

This year my goal is to feel and give More Christ.  

My goal will be to give fewer gifts that have nothing to do with Christ and to give more necessities to those who’s heads and hearts hang low.

My goal is to turn down the lights and turn up the songs that sing of Christ and praise Him.

My goal is to gather loved ones near and humbly invite Christ into every gathering.

My goal is to for once in my life celebrate “Mas Christ” instead of Christmas.