Never once in my life would I have imagined that someone would refer to me as an “everyday Mormon girl”, in fact, for a good portion of my life I hesitated to even refer to myself as a “Mormon”. It’s not that being a Mormon is a bad thing…. I mean, after all, I am one, but just like with any group, race or religion, there are some people who choose to believe that all are guilty by association.

I’m not about believing that everyone’s journey should look the same, but I am about truth, light, peace and I’m ALL ABOUT God and His Son, my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

I am about witnessing God’s miracles, seeing His hand in my life and sharing truth with others.

I am about trying my best, getting back up, choosing to stay, living in the moment, being present, getting out of my head and trying to have the courage to feel every emotion while I allow it to pass through me.

I am about feeling the light of Christ, feeling the comfort He brings when I stay aligned and present and feeling truth in my body.

I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe in miracles, and I believe that God is a Master orchestrator and is conducting a perfect symphony.

I believe in asking, listening, trusting, acting, and in walking through doors that present themselves as opportunities for growth.

So for today, I am an “everyday Mormon girl”, because I was asked to share my story and experiences about “Embracing Adversity when you have a child with Cancer” by a dear friend, Lindsey Spear, who was inspired to host weekly podcasts of everyday women who experience hard things and learn to get through them with faith, patience, and the Savior. I have subscribed to her podcasts on iTunes and have found each podcast to be a very inspiring story told by brave women.

*** It was only recently that I learned what a podcast is… ya… I’m that slow. A podcast is a recorded message or interview that is stored on iTunes, like music, and you can listen to it at any time. It’s actually been a good change from music for me. ***

In this podcast I share my families story about labels, learning who we truly are, the challenges of cancer, and how Embracing Adversity with the help of the Savior is the only way we’ve found to get through it.

I have to say, and I don’t understand why, but while driving to the interview for this podcast, I was overcome with a strong impression that this was not a coincidence, it was meant to be, it was for an important purpose, and as I stood on Lindsey’s porch, prior to her answering her door, I was overcome by the spirit and brought to tears as I felt that this was a sacred opportunity. Like I said, it sounds a bit odd, I know. I did not prepare what to say for this podcast, I let the spirit guide me and after listening to it myself, …four times, I have realized that this podcast contains vitally important information for myself. On days when I am struggling I have referred back to the inspiration I received while recording this interview. I have the tools I need to Embrace Adversity. It is certainly not easy and lately It has been a real struggle for me, but I feel like having our story recorded, while being guided by the spirit, was a treasured gift. I’m certain I will refer back to my own words, given to me from a loving Father in Heaven, for guidance many times in the months to come.

This podcast is 56 minutes long, is a little fuzzy in the very beginning, but I hope and pray that it truly was for a purpose and that in sharing it, I will lift and help another.

You can access the podcast by clicking the link below, by going to iTunes podcasts on your mobile device and searching for “Everyday Mormon Girl”, episode 37, on Google Play Music, or by going to the following website:

***** Pictured above is Paul, Riley and I the day of the 5k…IT WAS INCREDIBLE. The woman standing next to Riley is Alanna Whetzel…. she is an angel on earth! ******