While sitting on a machine at the gym this morning I was watching two boys work out together. I asked if they were brothers. They proudly stood shoulder to shoulder and shook their head yes. I probably freaked them out when I asked them if they realized how blessed they were to have each other. I then explained to them that watching them reminded me of my two boys and a conversation I had with my son, Riley, yesterday, when he was beating himself up and feeling that he was not handling his circumstances well.

As I watched these two cheer each other on I was taken back to yesterday when I had given my son every last bit of advise I had and was at a loss for words. It was in that moment, the thought came to me….”what advice would you give your brother if he were in your shoes?” When I spoke those words, they seemed to cause Riley to pause and maybe even experience a jolt of emotion.

Perhaps this is a good way to seek advice for ourselves… what would we tell those we love most? Why is it so hard to love ourselves ? Why is it so difficult to offer ourselves the same compassion we so freely give to others ?

Today Riley and Levi delivered furniture together, shoulder to shoulder. One of the blessings I’ve seen come from this trial our family is facing is the bond between two brothers grow. I have honestly never heard Riley or Levi speak a bad word about the other. I have watched them love and encourage each other in all that they do, I have watched them pray for each other and cheer each other on, I have looked on as they have encouraged each other to never give up, to never quit!! These boys of mine would both defend each other to the death. What if we were to offer that kind of love and support to ourselves. What if we were able to be present, stay with ourselves and be our own best friend? Why are we so afraid to cut ourselves some slack and give ourselves credit for the things we do well?

Perhaps if we could see ourselves through the eyes of others, especially through the eyes of our Father in Heaven, we might be just a little kinder to ourselves and realize just how very incredible each one of us are.

As I look at each of my children it is very easy for me to see how amazing they are. This giant mountain that has been placed before us is daunting, but for some reason I have been blessed with a front row seat to some of the most amazing humans on this earth…. I have four of them, I watch them every day fighting their own battles and winning, and it is because of the love and admiration I have for each of them that I am able to catch a very small glimpse of the love that God has for each one of us.